What are dabs? Dabs are concentrated amounts of marijuana. Developers can extract cannabinoids such as THC from the marijuana plant. Once you extract the sticky oil, you use a dab rig to inhale it. Due to the effect, they have on the brain; dabs can be extremely addictive. If you find that you are addicted to dabs, you can get help at a marijuana drug rehab.

Types of Dabs

What are dabs? They are usually defined by different types and what is in them. You can process marijuana extract using several different methods. Each method produces an array of concentrations, colors, and textures, including:

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Oil Dab

The marijuana produces an oily extract that users call Butane Hash Oil or Honey Oil. The oil sometimes contains crystals to give it a chunky texture.


Shatter is a robust concentrate that has a glass amber or honey shade. The dab is brittle, and, as a result, it is easy for you to shatter it into tiny pieces.


The budder is a smooth, golden-colored dab that feels like soft butter. Users whip the oil during the heating process, resulting in a creamy, fluffy texture.


The extract turns into a yellow, waxy substance. The extract comes from cured or dried marijuana, which results in its smooth texture.

Regardless of what type of dabs you use, a marijuana addiction rehab in Hawaii can help you get off of them and get on the road to recovery.  

What are Dabs and their Dangers?

What are dabs? One of the first things you need to know is how dangerous they can be. Although not as toxic as meth or cocaine, cannabis dabs can lead to health problems. The main reason for the high risk is because of THC extraction. In worst-case scenarios, you can cause an explosion if you do not know how to combine the flammable gases, or if you operate in a room with poor ventilation. You also have no way of knowing if the quality of the extract is clean or dirty.

Clean THC extract may produce little to no adverse side effects. In most cases, however, the THC is dirty. As a result, it can contaminate your body with harsh chemicals or significant amounts of residual solvents, leading you to experience multiple health problems.

marijuana recovery program in Hawaii can help you end your addiction before it’s too late. No matter how addicted you are to dabs, a treatment program can help you end your addiction.

Potential Health Risks of Dabbing Marijuana

While there is an obvious lure to dabbing marijuana, there are also potential health risks and hazards, including:

  • Self-inflicted burns and injuries while developing the dab
  • Risk of starting a fire and putting other people’s safety at risk
  • A single hit on a dab is up to 10 times more potent than a regular hit on a joint
  • Developing a high tolerance for marijuana
  • Hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, and psychosis
  • Exposure to multiple hazardous and unknown chemicals in dabs

Learn More About Marijuana Addiction

What are dabs? Find out more by getting help today. A marijuana addiction treatment center in Hawaii offers detox, rehab, and aftercare to get you through every stage of recovery. Find a treatment center near you so that you can get started on the right road to recovery.

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