Marijuana addiction, or any addiction for that matter, can be a scary thing.

When you realize that you can’t deal with life each day without smoking weed, it’s a disturbing idea. Knowing that you’re dependent on a drug feels like a weight around your neck. Plus, you’re affecting your loved ones with your addiction as well. Fortunately, effective marijuana drug rehab treatment is available to put you on the road to recovery.

With several states decriminalizing marijuana, many people have been tempted to view weed as harmless because it’s becoming more acceptable in society. That’s an argument that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Alcohol is legal and it wrecked lives just as surely as any illegal drug can. Make no mistake that marijuana is a drug and like many drugs, it can cause you to become addicted. When that happens, you need marijuana drug rehab treatment to put your life back on track.

Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment

Addiction affects not only the lives of those who are afflicted but also their loved ones as well. Whether it’s you who has a marijuana addiction problem or a loved one, marijuana drug rehab treatment is the most effective way to break the cumbersome chains of addiction.

There are basically two types of addiction treatment available: inpatient and outpatient. In either treatment option, you will receive evidence-based therapy to get at the root of your addiction problem and develop ways to deal with triggers and temptations when you return to your home environment after marijuana drug rehab treatment.

Inpatient Marijuana Drug Rehab vs. Outpatient Treatment

After you’ve made the decision to seek marijuana drug rehab treatment, you next have to decide which option best fits your unique needs: inpatient or outpatient treatment. This isn’t necessarily an easy decision. However, an addiction expert at a marijuana drug rehab center will be able to assist you in ascertaining what your best option will be.

Inpatient Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment

If your life has spiraled out of control due to addiction, or if you’ve been using for a very long time, inpatient treatment may be your best option. Many people suffering from a marijuana addiction also have an alcohol addiction. Treating both addictions is more challenging, and inpatient therapy makes the overall rehab process easier.

What are the pros of inpatient care? These would include:

A safe environment where access to marijuana and other drugs is denied
Both a Women’s and Men’s Addiction Rehab Program
Doctors and trained staff members supervise your comfort and safety at all times
Immediate psychological or emotional support if you need it

Outpatient Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment

For those with a less severe addiction, and those individuals with work, school or family responsibilities that can’t be put on hold, outpatient treatment is a good choice. You will still get much of the same evidence-based treatment that you would receive as an inpatient but with the flexibility you need to keep your life going. For those with stable, supportive families, outpatient can be an especially good option.

Do I Need Inpatient Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment?

Marijuana abuse and addiction is a very real thing that thousands of people every year fight to overcome. According a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey, 17% of individuals going to publicly funded treatment programs were doing so due to their problems with marijuana, second only to alcohol admissions. Regardless of whether marijuana has been decriminalized by several states, regardless of whether it should eventually become legal across the entire country, it is—and will remain—a substance to which people develop a dependence. And with that dependence comes the need for marijuana drug rehab treatment.

What’s the Difference Between Marijuana Tolerance and Dependence?

Many people have difficulty differentiating between tolerance and dependence. In fact, tolerance means your body is used to the presence of a certain amount of marijuana. This means you may have to smoke more to get the same effects that you’re looking for.

Dependence, on the other hand, is something very different. Dependence on marijuana means that you feel that you can’t function normally without it. When you can’t get hold of weed, you become irritable and annoyed, perhaps even physically ill. These are withdrawal symptoms. It’s doesn’t matter if the dependence is physical or psychological… the hold on you is the same. Dependence is a clear signal that you need marijuana drug rehab treatment.

How Confidential Is My Situation During Treatment?

Although you may understand the need for marijuana drug rehab treatment, you may have concerns about how confidential your stay will be. Rest assured that your stay at a reputable treatment center remains confidential. There are no worries that your stay will somehow be announced to the world. Unless you authorize a treatment center to inform designated individuals about your stay, no one outside of the center is going to know.

How Long Does Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment Take?

Generally, addiction patients go through a rehab program that lasts approximately 30 days. However, that won’t be the right choice for everyone. For some people, their addiction has gone on a very long time or their addiction is very far advanced. In such cases, 60 days or 90 days in treatment may be more appropriate. One thing to keep in mind is that the longer you are in treatment, the more likely it will be that you can remain sober once you leave. There are other considerations that affect how long you will stay, not the least of which is the degree of coverage that your health insurance plan provides.

How Does Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment Work?

Marijuana treatment programs will vary not only from one facility to another but also from one patient to another. Obviously, no two people are alike, so it stands to reason that no two treatment plans will be identical. As an individual, you obviously have your own unique needs. Any reputable marijuana drug rehab center is going to do its best to address those needs.

So now that you’ve decided to pursue treatment for your marijuana addiction, you’re probably wondering how the whole progress transpires. In general, the process will look something like this:

Intake: In this initial stage, you learn about your treatment options from an addiction specialist at a rehab facility
Detox: At a drug addiction detox, all drugs are cleansed from your body so that you can begin rehab clean and sober
Drug rehab: You’ll discover the psychological roots of your marijuana addiction, as well as coping strategies to avoid relapse after treatment ends
Aftercare: Relapse is a real threat to anyone recovering from a marijuana addiction, so aftercare programs help keep you on the straight and narrow

How Do I Pay for Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment?

The decision to choose rehab treatment takes courage. It’s important not to be discouraged by the cost of rehab. In the end, choosing marijuana drug rehab treatment is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your entire life. As you look at various centers, prices will probably vary considerably depending on what kind of center you’re interested in. Remember that most reputable centers will accept health insurance and will offer various types of payment plan.

Is Traveling For Marijuana Drug Rehab Necessary?

While it may seem comforting to be close to home for marijuana drug rehab treatment, that isn’t always your best option. Being close to home means being close to all of the things that triggered your addiction in the first place, whether it’s familiar people, places or even smells. Sometimes, it’s best to be in a new environment where nothing will distract you from your recovery.

Often, families and friends can be part of the problem. They may have either encouraged your addiction or they have enabled it. In any case, being in close proximity to them during treatment could potentially be counterproductive.

Remember that recovery is about new beginnings. Sometimes, a new beginning is best found in a new place. New environments tend to make us see things a little differently. That’s a good mental attitude to have during marijuana drug rehab treatment.

Should I Go To An Executive or Luxury Rehab Center?

For some busy business executives, dropping out of sight for a month (or longer) for rehab simply isn’t an option. Many executives need to be in frequent contact with their companies to provide guidance and make strategic decisions. They may also desire a higher degree of privacy due to their sensitive positions. That’s when executive marijuana drug rehab treatment makes sense. Executive rehab treatment means you’ll have enhanced internet access to stay in constant touch with your company and remain productive.

Luxury marijuana drug rehab treatment is an option that many people want. For some individuals, the increased comforts of a luxury facility will make the entire rehab process more comfortable. A luxury marijuana drug rehab can provide the kind of amenities that you would find in any upscale hotel, such as:

Private rooms
Gourmet cuisine prepared by master chefs
State-of-the-art gym facilities

What Do People Look For in a Marijuana Drug Rehab Program?

A recent Recovery Brands survey was taken by people as they left treatment facilities to gauge what mattered to them during the rehab process. The results showed that former patients cared most about what the center’s financial policies were. For example, did the center accept health insurance? Did they offer assistance in helping them figure out what their plan does and doesn’t cover? In a world where many people are in debt, something like insurance coverage of treatment becomes a key consideration.

What Happens After Marijuana Drug Rehab Treatment is Completed?


When you leave treatment, you leave behind a very protective environment and are plunged back into the harsh realities of everyday life again. Outside of the facility, there will be triggers and temptations everywhere. While marijuana drug rehab treatment will arm you with effective strategies to deal with temptations, the possibility of relapse is something on everyone’s mind when they leave a rehab center. Fortunately, there are ways to give support to, and receive support from, others in your situation. Whether it’s a local 12-step program or staying in touch with people you met in rehab, there are ways to fortify yourself and stay sober for the long term.

Will My Insurance Be Accepted?

Most accredited marijuana drug rehab facilities accept a broad variety of health insurance plans. It’s important to remember, however, that there’s no guarantee that a center will accept your plan. Also, the amount of coverage that plans provide can vary greatly, even plans from the same company. It’s a good idea to go over your insurance plan with an addiction specialist at a marijuana drug rehab center so that you know exactly what insurance will cover, and what it won’t.

How Can I Get Out of Work to Attend Marijuana Drug Rehab?

Both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment require time away from work. With inpatient treatment, in particular, the time commitment is significant. How can you accomplish this? Here are two ways:

Family and Medical Leave Act
A number of companies offer as much as 12 weeks of leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. This act enables you to take unpaid time off to deal with medical treatment for a condition that is hindering your ability to work (clearly, addiction fits that description).

Paid Time Off
If you’ve been accruing paid time off that you haven’t used, this would be the right time to use it. Some employers will even let you go into negative paid-time-off hours if it means that you’ll return to work better able to do your job.

What Are You Waiting For?

Many people allow a marijuana addiction to go on and on, hoping that somehow it will just go away on its own. It’s usually not that easy. An addiction is complicated, and it takes rehab treatment to truly put you on the road to a long-term recovery.

Remember that a marijuana addiction, like any addiction, robs of choices in your life. In the end, an addiction just wants you occupied with taking the drug to the exclusion of everything else. Don’t let that happen to you any longer. Professional marijuana drug rehab treatment is the most effective way to enjoy a sober life over the long term.

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